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1919 Pebble Beach Cigar Tube

In the early part of the 20th century, Samuel F.B. Morse was challenged with making the Pebble Beach area a profitable and attractive real estate investment in order to find a buyer. He decided to create, as an attraction, a one-of-a-kind golf course with unsurpassed scenic beauty and an element of difficulty that would always be challenging and never conquered. Morse convinced his board that the course could be maintained by sheep and designed at no cost by two amateur golfers—Jack Neville and Douglas Grant. Although neither Neville nor Grant had any experience at course design, the pair designed a championship course that has seen remarkably few changes over the years. Perhaps the greatest change occurred in 1921-22 when William Herbert Fowler assisted by Arthur Vincent and Mark Daniels transformed #18 from a 379 yard par 4 into a 535 yard par 5 to create the best finishing hole in golf.

The sterling silver cigar tube is wrapped in genuine stingray and hallmarked ".925" on the bottom of the tube. A hand enameled, original 1919 buffalo nickel commemorating Pebble Beach's founding year is on the top of the cap with the iconic Pebble Beach Heritage logo immediately below.

Dimensions: 6 15/16" l x 15/16" dia.

Item: CTPB